U.S. Geoid and Gravity Anomaly Maps
Based on the EGM96 gravity model

The map above provides links to more detailed geoid and gravity anomaly maps of regions around the United States. All maps were made with the full degree 360 model of EGM96 and refer to the GRS-80 ellipsoid.

Generally, we can see from this map, local geoid highs that correspond to the Rocky Mountains, and geoid lows offshore, in oceanic regions. A "saddle" can be seen separating lows over northern Ontario and between the Bahamas and Bermuda. The sadlle generally corresponds with the Appalachian Mountains that trend SW to NE in the eastern U.S. The highest values for the geoid seen on this map are found on a region centered on the Yellowstone Caldera.

Created: July 13, 2008
Last updated: July 13, 2008