Konus Telescope

This Konus 4.7 inch refractor telescope (KonusSuper 120) was purchased from Gary Hand in October 2001. Before making my own purchase, I had read various on-line reviews from users in Europe, many of which reported that a beefier tripod and mount was recommended. Gary had a locally-made set of wooden legs upon which I planted a CG-5 mount. This set-up is very sturdy with dampening times of about a second.

I have made a few improvements to the scope over the years. Including: a new Orion 9X50 right-angle finder scope; a Moonlite dual-rate Crayford focuser, and a 2-inch diagonal.

Another view of the scope. The orange color is rather striking, but, thankfully, under dark skies it doesn't distract.

Here is a shot of the eyepiece end, using a 2-inch diagonal with Pentax XW-5mm eyepiece.

I replaced the Konus finder with a 9X50 finder from Orion. It made pointing and locating dim objects so much easier!

The mount is shown below. I opted to replace the standard CG-4 mount with a CG-5. I have also added a single axis RA drive (not shown here) to help with tracking.

Click here for a sampling of astro photos.

I've found the Konus to be very capable of providing very sharp images with little if any detectable discoloration. In dark skies, I have observed nebulae down to magnitude 9.5 and with darker skies, it is capable of pulling in fainter objects. I gained my first glimpse of Uranus during an early August, 2002 observing session.

This page developed: June 9, 2002, due to interest on the SAA newsgroup.
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