This is a subjective test of the Kenko Teleplus Pro 1.4X teleconverter attached to a Nikon D100 and used with the two lenses listed above.

All photos were taken at 1/500 sec, using ISO 250. The apertures varied from f/5 to f/10. Not exactly the fairest test, but what I was looking for was any sign of image degredation. The same region at the center of each photo has been cropped and are shown below.

Nikkor 80-400VR f/4.5-f/5.6
Above: Straight through, no converter, 400mm, D100 equivalent: 600mm.
Above: Nikkor 80-400VR with 1.4X converter. Lens set at 400mm, 35 mm equivalent: 560mm, D100 equivalent: 840mm).
Sigma 500 APO HSM EX
Above: Straight through, no converter, D100 equivalent: 750mm.
Above: Sigma 500 with 1.4X converter. 35mm equivalent: 700mm, D100 equivalent: 1050mm.

Last updated: May 4, 2004