Sample Pages from a Few Star Atlases



There are always ample discussions among Astromony Forums and Astronomy Clubs on the topic of which star atlas is the best.

The consensus seems to be that having access to several different star atlases is best, becuase none of them on their own does absolutely everything an observer would want.

I've pulled together some of my favorites and examined a region in the right side of Orion's Belt. You can always Turn Left at Orion, I chose to go right!

The hard-copy atlases were scanned-in using an Epson Perfection 1200S at 300 DPI. The PDF chart from Torres' Tri-Atlas was imported into Photoshop with a 300 DPI specification. A one inch scale bar is included as a reference for hard-copy distance.

Below, you will find four small samples lined up next to each other. If you click on any of the images, you'll be taken to a full sized scan of that image. The side-to-side layout gives the reader a simple basis for comparison.

Uranometria 2nd edition, chart 116 Interstellarum, German Edition, chart 61 Millennium Atlas, chart 254 Torres' Tri-Atlas, chart 299

I let the reader to form an opinion of their favorite. Of course, looking at just one little part of the sky is hardly enough to make a firm decision.

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Last Modified: December 11, 2014